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For editors

In tech terminology, Content Insights is a multi-faceted web analytics platform for data-driven evaluation, ranking and comparing of authors and content performance across websites. In everyday speak, our package helps journalists and editors understand how their audience responds to their work in a really simple and comprehensible way.

By editors

Launching officially in June, 2016, Content Insights is the brainchild of a group of editors who found existing analytics tools a bit too time-consuming to be called efficient. Having spent two years talking with editors across the globe, and refining what is essentially a massive Big Data machine, we’re delighted to be able to share what we think is the most useful (and most friendly!) editorial analytics package out there today.

The story

Content Insights is a robust, powerful and extremely user-friendly editorial analytics tool, turning Big Data into easy reading. But we didn’t build it overnight…


Dejan in trouble

Nov 2011Dejan Nikolic, editor of Njuz.net, can’t work out the best way to pay his writers. Worse still, he can’t find the tools to help him solve the problem. He realises there’s a hole in the market…


First crappy version

Jan 2012Using his writers as guinea pigs, he builds the first crappy version of CPI (the Content Performance Indicator). Nobody gets paid. This is going to be harder than he thought.

Founders meet

Nov 2012The first founders meeting takes place in Belgrade. The main point of discussion is how to turn Dejan’s monstrosity into something friendly and reliable. They come up with an idea for calculating author fees (Payformance), and Ilija builds something that actually works.


Early adopters

May 2013More than 30 local and regional newsrooms enlist as early adopters. The first major product redesign is completed, moving from Payformance to Author Insights (an analytics tool). Too late to turn back now!

MVP launch

Oct 2013The first beta phase is opened to all. More users gain access and the team begin receiving valuable feedback. We learn so much. There is much rejoicing, but there’s still so much to do.


First investment

Apr 2014We are accepted into the the Eleven Startup Acceleration program. Dejan sheds his body weight in relieved tears.

Back to Novi Sad

Jul 2014Far from being sorrowful, Novi Sad is the name of the town in which the first team is formed, which the first employees hired.

Content performance analytics

Aug 2014The focus is altered slightly, from author performance to content performance. So we change our name. We’re now Content Insights (and God bless all who sail in her!)


First paying customers

Jan 2015People start to give us their money. Things are beginning to feel very grown up around here.


Jul 2015We raise seed round investment from the Eleven fund. Dejan sheds another body-load of joyous tears.

Content Insights AD

Sep 2015The company is registered as Content Insights AD. If it was too late to turn back before, it’s WAY too late now.



Mar 2016We secure series A investment from NBM and NEVEQ. The good ship CI is on course for global waters. No longer having the tears to shed, Dejan works on rebuilding own body weight.


Meet the team


Aleksandar Božić

UI/UX designer & developer

Full-time user interface and experience designer, data visualiser and coder. Part-time visual and multimedia artist. Dedicated company hipster. Beard growth in constant state of flux.


Dejan Nikolić

Founder & CEO

King of the swingers; the jungle VIP. Full-time shy and retiring media mogul, part-time hipster hunter. Was born with full beard.


Dragomir Radovanović

System engineer

As a systems engineer, Dragomir is only able to talk in zeros and ones, bleeps and whirs. Subsequently, we are only able to communicate with him through Google Translate, which means nobody really knows what he’s saying. His hero is C3PO – or, as Dragomir says, "the original, better dressed Google Translate."


Dragutin Miletić

Founder & product owner

Passionate about solving real life problems with just the right amount of technology. Daydreamer, beer advocate and World Pinball Champion-in-waiting.


Em Kuntze

Blog writer

Hailing from the UK’s sunny Hampshire, Em constantly scribbles about editorial analytics and content as if there’s no tomorrow. When she’s not doing that, she’s raising a very lovely boy and experimenting with vegan delicious things. If you want to speak to her about our blog, she's on @moshiboshi.


Goran Smiljanić

Data analyst

A dreamer in touch with his data side. A creative only limited by the clouds above. When he’s not floating about in the rarified atmosphere, he’s a humanitarian who enjoys the long walks with his wife and socializing with friends. Aw…


Igor Licner

Software architect

By night, an underrated rock guitar god who rules the Novi Sad gigging scene. By day, a software developer and architect with over 14 years' experience in development across a variety of industries. One of these two occupations pays a reasonable living wage. You decide which.


Ilija Šuša

Founder & Chief data officer

A father and a mathematician, currently lost in software development. Applies mathematics to parenting, and parenting strategies when working with the team. Also the man who saved Dejan from his technical nightmare way back in the beginning.


Jon Wilks

Content Chief

UK-based content strategist, editor and story-smith, formerly betrothed to Time Out and Havas Media Group. Spends his spare time bothering guitars in folk music settings. Ought to be stopped. If you want to speak to him about our blog, he's on @jonniewilks


Katarina Vučić

Executive Assistant to CEO & Office Manager

Creative. Optimistic. Nice. Trustworthy. Enthusiastic. Neat. Tolerant.
Inventive. Nurturing. Skillful. Interested. Goal-oriented. Hard-working. Thrifty. Strong.


Marija Gnjatović

Web developer

This at-home bartender enjoys making (and drinking) cocktails while playing Worms. Her favourite worm is Charlie. Also a foosball enthusiast and wannabe samurai. Does web developing just incase the samurai thing doesn’t work out.


Mario Krivokapić

VP of Sales

A man of varied interests and incredible calves (like sculpted art, they are). An avid reader of shampoo bottles, and an aggressive pacifist, Mario is at his finest when fiercely debating nuclear disarmament at L’Oreal product demonstrations. He’s also our salesman. Make of that what you will.


Dr Raša Karapandža

Data science and quantitative models advisor

Professor of finance @ebs.edu, economist, geek, wannabe scientist, datanaut, pattern seeking animal, startups founder, father and husband of dragons.

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