The Story

Content Insights wasn’t built overnight. The road we took to get where we are today was a bumpy one, filled with loads of surprises. Here’s how our journey’s looked in retrospect:

Meet the Team

Dragutin Miletić
Co-Founder & Head of Product

Passionate about solving real life problems with just the right amount of technology. Daydreamer, beer advocate and World Pinball Champion-in-waiting.

Ilija Šuša
Co-Founder & Senior Data Analyst

A father and a mathematician, currently lost in software development. Applies mathematics to parenting, and parenting strategies when working with the team. Also the man who saved Dejan from his technical nightmare way back in the beginning.

Dejan Nikolić
Co-Founder & CEO

Agent Zero, a.k.a. The Original Insight. Dejan is the Founder & CEO of Content Insights. He has been in publishing since the dark ages (we think quite literally). Dejan is well-known for his work in the satirical news world, his bushy beard, and his love for movies and everything that has chocolate in it. He collects vintage computers, just like every other normal human being.

Marko Jovanović
Head of Data Engineering

Marko is the person behind our complex system of data crunching mechanisms and is also a craft beer connoisseur. He is innovative and always in a quest for the latest technologies which can help us improve our world-changing app and/or create better beer. He also loves to hike and luckily his interest in (or consumption of) beer doesn’t prevent him from taking amazing pictures from his adventures.

Vladimir Kravić
Client Support Lead

Kravic is our problem-solving machine.  He’s our Client Support Lead. His job is to help our clients by solving technical issues, and he also provides support during the product set up the process. He is our official guitar guy and is a massive Pearl Jam fan, which means he sometimes hangs upside down from the ceiling while working.

Marko Radojević
Client Relations Manager

Marko works with our clients and helps them to get to know our products, our philosophy and how to get the maximum value out of them. Besides English, Marko is also fluent in Spanish, probably because he’s watched too many Mexican soap operas. He currently lives and works from China.

Olga Nemčanin
Head of Client Success

Olga is the Head of our Client Success team. Her main responsibility is to help the users get the most out of our tool. She is the Mother of Dragons, and by ‘dragons’ we mean ‘four kids’. Nobody knows how she manages to successfully balance her work and home life. Some people believe she’s a robot.

Milena Tihojević
Client Relations Manager

Milena is our Client Relations Manager. She is great at communicating with our clients. She is also great at darts, even while communicating with clients. Milena is also our official office child. Instead of coffee, she drinks non-alcoholic kids’ champagne. We tried also paying her in dolls and candy but unfortunately she is not that childish.

Katarina Vučić
EA to CEO & Office Manager

Katarina is our CEO’s EA and our beloved Office Manager. This basically makes her the Official Mom of CI. Her job is to ensure that things run smoothly around the office and that our administration is on point. She is very systematic, fearless and efficient. Katarina is also company’s CMO (Chief Medical Officer), since she always has painkillers and Band-Aids with her.

Our clients expect the very best, so that’s who we hire. If you want to do work that matters with a company who cares, we want you on our team.

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