Five minutes with Head of Client Relations Bojan Popić

Every company has people who know a bit more than most about the process of creating perfection and about the people who participate in that process.

Usually, those polymaths are people who have been part of the team for a long time or they’re able to connect with most of their colleagues just by the nature of doing their jobs.

Bojan Popić, our Head of Client Relations is certainly someone who knows a great deal about Content Insights and the people who work here. Coming to Content Insights two years ago, he was among the first people to join the team on our journey.

With a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science and a background in both product development and client support, we like to look at him as our “Jack of all trades”. That’s what he truly is, a person who always seems to have the right answers. His job requires that he works closely together with the product, sales, and marketing teams, which is why he knows us all so well. We talked to Bojan about client relations, the challenges that he and his team come across, and how he sees our team and our culture at Content Insights.

First off, Bojan, how did a computer whiz get lost in client relations?

By trade, I’m a professional software developer. When I started out I worked for a provincial Ombudsman office as a developer, but basically, I never actually did that job there, because I found myself doing everything from changing toners in the printers to making websites. Very early on I discovered that doing what someone else tells you to do all the time was just not for me!

After that, I started working in a small Swiss company. Very quickly I moved from just support section to development of the product section and I ended up as a “one-man show”, pretty much running the whole company. That was a great experience for me.

How did you come to Content Insights?

Actually, I was interviewed at the same time as the first employee of the company and I was meant to be the second one. At that time, the company didn’t have any clients and I didn’t really see my role or where I would fit in, so my first advice to the founders was, don’t hire me, you don’t need me. I was pleased they didn’t just forget about me though: when the moment was right I joined the team.

What is your job here?

My workload comes a little bit from everywhere. Doing support with clients means working with them on all kinds of issues and helping them bring value to their experience with our tool. It’s very hard for me to focus on one thing. I try to be in every part of the process, which I guess can be a bit annoying for my colleagues from time to time! I always try to bring value, so they cannot kick me out (laughs).

Joking aside, the reason I’m so keen to know what’s going on everywhere is that I think it’s important to be on top of things and know what’s going on with the product, clients, sales, business, and marketing. All that is needed in order to be on top of clients relations.

Why do you like working directly with clients?

I love working with clients: they’re the beating heart of what we do. If you’re not working with clients, you’re detached from the people that should be your focus.

That’s why I try to organize visits from our clients, and we’ve had two of them so far. From my perspective, client visits have a tremendous influence on the morale and spirit of the whole team. It was important to meet with them face to face and learn about their experience with Content Insights and our application. This experience was beneficial to the whole team and especially to developers who had the chance to connect with people they built the Content Insights for.

What are the challenges in your line of work and what makes you happy?

Doing this you can get a lot of questions that are not strictly for the Support department, that aren’t written in the ‘road map’. If a client asks us to build a certain feature, I first need to understand what problem that feature would solve. Along the way, I might be able to find a feature that would fix the problem without building something completely new.

I’m happy when our clients adopt the values that we give them as the values of their organization. When that happens, we create a very strong bond. That’s not always easy since we’re selling the ‘bitter pill’, and not the ‘sugar coated’ one. We’re not scratching their backs and telling them what they want to hear. We’re telling them what their audience is telling them, which is not always good news for them.

How do you see people that work for Content Insights?

I see us as a team. I don’t see us as just departments. When things start getting to the point where people say this is not my job, it’s not my department, then that’s not the place for me anymore. That’s why I always try to be there for others and expect others to be there for me.

How would you describe our culture? What are the postulates that we stick to here?

As much as I hate clichés, I will use one and dare to say we feel and act as a family. Here, we are allowed to be human: sometimes we are awesome, sometimes we make mistakes. Whatever happens, others will be there, to share a loud laugh with you or to help you pick up the pieces. Trusting each other gives us the confidence to motivate every team member to strive for more. It creates a highly productive environment where you can contribute, create value, and learn while you have fun along the way.

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