Looking for a meaningful job? 5 rock-solid reasons to work at CI

“Pleasure in the job puts perfection in the work.”, said Aristotle, a thought leader who really needs no introduction. He may have shared this pearl of wisdom more than two millennia ago, but it’s something we at Content Insights believe in and stick fanatically to.

We believe that only someone who truly feels happy and satisfied with their job can come up with great work. That’s very important when you’re part of the company which drives change in the digital world and is expected to achieve things that no one has before.

Here’s a short list of reasons why you should become one of us and join the team of young and talented professionals who are seeking to change what have been known so far about online reader’s behavior.

Our culture

Company culture and work ethics are things people are increasingly focused on – especially since there’s more of an element of choice in which jobs to take.

First of all, at Content Insights, we like to think of ourselves as a team rather than just coworkers. We’re more friends than colleagues. For us, every person is equally important and everyone’s work is appreciated equally.

The question of why we achieve so much has a rather simple answer. The term ‘work-life balance’ for us isn’t just the latest buzz-phrase. It’s at the very core of our culture. We strive to be honest, and only promise what we really offer. Our company is built on mutual trust and flexibility, so if that means adjusting the start of the workday or schedule, we’re happy to accommodate that. We don’t put limits on vacation days and we won’t ask for a doctor’s note if you’re sick. As a result, our people are happy, motivated and they deliver. We’re very proud of that.

Grow with us

One of the great things about startups is that you get to grow with the company. Every step the company makes towards becoming an innovative leader in IT business is a step we take together. We give you the freedom to grow. We’re even open to you switching positions if you wish to pursue a new skill set and explore more of what suits you the best.

Being part of a growing business provides our employees with a lot of room for promotion, and promoting our people to seniors or management positions is something we’re proud of.

Improving your skills is seen as something of great importance around here. That’s why our company encourages employees to pursue their goals, to grow and perfect their knowledge base by sponsoring classes, courses, literature you need in order to become better in what you do.

It’s hard to grow and learn alone, especially if you’re young and at the very beginning of your career. At Content Insights, we have the opportunity to work with some of the leading local and foreign experts. Our team leaders and department heads are rock stars in their fields. It doesn’t matter whether you are a mathematician or software developer, whether you are working in marketing or customer support, an experienced professional will always sit next to you.

We’re on a mission

Content Insights wishes to fix online content space, by empowering content doers to write quality stories, reach the audience and create sustainable businesses, without succumbing to clickbait titles and fake news. As we want to fix online content space, we wish to improve our work environment by empowering our colleagues to reach professional fulfillment without succumbing to clock-watching and feeling demotivated.

For the last few years, we have been changing the way how authors, editors, product managers, marketing managers and top management of the online publishing industry look at their audience. We’ve created a unique algorithm called Content Performance Indicator (CPI). We’ve managed to develop a new currency that unveils readers’ habits. This is just a small victory for us on the rocky road of bringing change into the world of audience analytics.

Our mission is innovation

If we would have to pick a keyword that describes what we do at Content Insights, it would have to be innovation. Everything we’ve done, we were able to do by using the latest tricks technology offers us and combining that with creative thinking. We work with cutting-edge technologies to create state-of-the-art software, that turns website audience behavior into insightful data. Our clients use our tool in order to understand their readers’ motivations, interests, and desire. Using the latest technology is always challenging and always makes us learn new things, but it helps us lead the way and drive change.


We know that one of the key ingredients for employee happiness is tied to how good their salary is. For us, salaries are a thing we approach thoroughly. That’s why we always try to stay competitive on the salary plan. We believe our employees have to be satisfied with their earnings in order to do amazing work. That’s why our wages are designed to make our people feel appreciated, and that’s why we always ask you what would make you happy.

At the bottom of everything, you can always expect us to be true. We don’t offer all those Silicon Valley perks such as nap pods, an in-house hairdresser, or a maid service that will clean your home once a week. We love our game room as it is just a place where we have fun while we’re on a break.

What’s important for us is that we want you to feel welcome as an equal part of the team, to work in pleasant office surroundings, to get a fair salary, and true perception of ‘work-life balance’. Getting back to Aristotle, we really believe that great things happen when our employees are satisfied.

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