What it takes to become one of the Insights People

Here at Content Insights we have put together a hub of super-talented innovators and creatives, where self-autonomous geeks and free-spirited techies keep driving change and innovation.

To become one of Insights People, there is not a mold we expect you to fit in. On the contrary, you just need to be a bold Geppetto of your own career. Still, there are several key principles that distinctly characterize all of our Insights People.

Love what you do

Our passion-driven quirky individuals pour all their energy (ok, and sarcasm) into what they do, and in return get double the excitement and a sense of accomplishment back.

Developing cutting-edge software often means facing a lot of challenges. But here everything is mission possible because we are a group of sworn aficionados whose heart rate gets out of control when we manage to overcome any given hurdle on the road.

Our enthusiasm works brilliantly for our team – and rarely reaches the point where ambulances are required (we get the work-life balance right, see?). Each challenge is a new opportunity to reach a new game level and learn something new, so we embrace it with a relentless drive. This kind of passion Insightees have for their work is the key to ingenious creative solutions we keep providing. That’s why Insights People make for one-of-a-kind breed of employees – genius-rockstar-walking brains whose curiosity switch is constantly ON.

Take the initiative and don’t be afraid of mistakes

All those exceptional competences won’t mean much if you just stand on the sidelines. Our peeps are fervently vocal when it comes to expressing their ideas, suggesting innovative solutions, and giving their piece of mind to their teammates and superiors alike.

Surprisingly enough, the autonomy and independence we nurture does not yield battlefield and chaos, rather it triggers a surge of brilliant ideas which often snowballs to new discoveries or breakthroughs. And don’t worry about making a mistake – we embrace every faux pas and learn from it – ask for forgiveness, not for permission’ is our motto.

Share when in the know / Ask when in doubt

Though being authorities in their field and ‘know-it-alls’, CI folks are willing to share their knowledge and exchange their experiences with other co-workers. Everyone here will readily pitch in when another colleague needs help or a second opinion. But it’s a two-way street: you can expect to get the same support whenever you are in need of assistance and shouldn’t hesitate to fire any question you may have in the direction of the person whose brain you’d like to pick. Team players are the bread and butter of our company culture.

You tailor your tasks with clients in mind

Being able to put yourself in the client’s shoes is the essence. Every single aspect of the creative process has to be done with end users in mind. We strive to provide value for our clients, so whether you are a hardcore backend developer, funky front-ender or out-of-this-world data engineer, you need to ask yourself ‘Does this provide any value for our clients?’.

If you are a rock star in your field of expertise and you feel your MO matches the company culture, the chances are you have what it takes to become one of the Insights People.

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