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Who should use Content Insights?

All professionals who deal with content on some level and need to measure their content performance can benefit from Content Insights.

We offer great value for:

*Publishers and newsrooms

*Content marketers

*SEO professionals

*Professional blogger

Our content intelligence tool was created by editors, for editors. Back when we started, the idea was to enable newsrooms and publishers to identify their best authors and pay them accordingly, as well as giving them a clearer idea about the type of content their audience was interested in.

The first version of Content Insights measured author performance and as it developed, it shifted its focus to measuring content performance.

Over the years, we’ve expanded our pool of users, and our algorithm called Content Performance Indicator has evolved too. We’re proud of the fact it’s reached its third, most precise version. See the video about it here.


Which teams can benefit from Content Insights?

With Content Insights, you can democratize your media organization and keep everyone in the loop. All types of teams that work with content can benefit from using our analytics solution: from those focused on subscriptions, audience development, marketing or data, to people working in an editorial or journalistic capacity, and of course those in top management itself.

How is Content Insights’ solution different from others?

Content Insights measures the real human behavior hidden behind the screen, not just events that happen in the web browser. It helps you understand your audience and truly measure content performance, thanks to its advanced algorithm called Content Performance Indicator (CPI).

CPI takes into consideration dozens of different content performance metrics and examines their relations. It weighs them according to three behavioral models: exposure, engagement, and loyalty.

Our goal at Content Insights is to ensure you stay data-informed, not data-blinded. The advantage of our analytics solution is clear: it directs the attention of editors, publishers, and content creators to what really matters.

Most other analytics tools on the market do not provide actionable insights, but we do.
We don’t throw numbers or raw data at you – we know that’s not useful. Instead, we help you truly understand the data so you can act on it and optimize your business according to whichever business model you operate on, be it based on ads, native advertising, subscription, or membership.

To see what makes us unique, check out why complex behavioral metrics matter and how we measure content performance.

If you want to see the precise differences between Content Insights and major competitors in the content analytics arena, and the value you can get from our solution, please contact us at for comparison sheets and materials.

What is CPI and why do I need it?

CPI – short for Content Performance Indicator – is Content Insights’ unique algorithm that shows how well your content is performing in comparison to other published articles on your website.

CPI takes into consideration dozens of different content performance metrics and examines their relations. It also weighs them differently according to three behavioral models: exposure, engagement, and loyalty.

CPI is always presented in the form of a number, from 1 to 1000, with 500 being the baseline (a.k.a. the “norm”) for the observed website, section, topic, author or article.

Scores above 500 indicate above-average performances, while numbers below 500 inform that a certain topic, author, section or article is underperforming. Scores above 900 indicate exceptional performance.

If you’re interested in learning more about CPI, how it works, and what makes it our system unique, visit the following page and watch this video.

What about GDPR compliance and Data Privacy? And where do you store the data?

Worry not: Content Insights is fully compliant with the GDPR. As data processors and data controllers, we fully understand our legal responsibilities and have all the necessary protocols in place.

The GDPR covers the personal data of people within the EU, but it also imposes new security standards which are more appropriate for today’s digital world. The goal, really, is to build more digital trust on a global level.

At Content Insights, we value your data rights and privacy.

Our clients’ data is stored in the EU and the United States of America, in accordance with the EU-US Privacy Shield. If for any reason this data is transferred to another country, our clients will be notified with full respect of the GDPR.

As for our clients’ website visitors’ data, it is stored on Amazon Web Service, with respect to the EU-US Privacy Shield.

To learn more, please read our Privacy Policy.

How does the CI tracking code influence page loading time?

Content Insights’ tracking code is loaded asynchronously, outside of the normal queue of the page load (document, images, styles, your own scripts…) so it doesn’t have any negative effect on page load speed.

In addition to this, our tracker code is served through a fast CDN and the closest location to the visitor will be used.

What if I have an unusual layout on my site (e.g. infinite scroll)?

For websites that have infinite scrolls and unusual layouts, the installation of our tracker is a bit more complex. There are a couple of extra steps that need to be taken.

Follow the link to our technical documentation to see what we mean when we say “a couple of extra steps”.

Of course, if you need any more help or information about all this – feel free to reach out to our Technical Support team at and they will be happy to provide you with more detailed instructions.

Is there a limit to the number of people that can have access to the information provided by CI?

We believe in newsroom democracy and know how data can profoundly empower each member of the media organization. Because of this, there’s an unlimited number of profiles you can create for people within your organization. We don’t charge you “per seat”, which means that you can freely give access to Content Insights to literally anyone from your team.

Building data literacy is crucial nowadays. Our goal is to help journalists, publishers, and all content professionals to become more data-informed, which is why we want to make the distribution of data easy and simple for you.

How much help we can expect in setting up and using Content Insights?

A lot of help. Our Support Team will send you customized instructions on how to successfully set up our tracker on your site. They will be with you from the beginning until the very end of the installation process.

Once you finish setting up Content Insights’ tracker that will allow us to collect relevant information from your website, our Customer Success team will take over and start teaching you how to get as much value as possible from our application.

Apart from the initial introductory meeting and basic app training, our Customer Success will continue to regularly check-in with you to make sure that everything is going swimmingly. They are available to clients 24/7, so you can quickly get in touch with them and ask anything you want regarding our solution.

Can we import Content Insights’ data into our own system?

Of course. You have multiple ways to do so – from using an exporting tool that allows you to quickly extract the data into spreadsheets, to more complex integrations via API.

Actually, our entire platform is built using the API-first approach, so our dashboards and reporting system use API. This means your system will have full access to all the data provided by our content intelligence.

See full documentation with the API explorer available for testing here.

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