Rely on our behavioral metrics system to grow your revenue

  • We assess real audience behavior, not just browser events
  • Content Insights uses three behavior models (Exposure, Engagement, Loyalty) that align perfectly with your chosen business model and support your growth
  • Configure your business model in the app and increase your revenue by following our behavioral metrics
  • Our redefined Loyalty metric is a perfect match for managing and growing subscriptions
  • Our innovative Engagement metric will empower you to deliver more transparent native advertising campaigns and show true ROI to advertisers
  • Maximize Exposure CPI and get the most from your banner adsI

Use our unique segmentation to extract more value from data

  • CPI values are recalculated on the fly and ad hoc incredibly fast for each segment you create
  • Isolate and analyze various subsets of data according to your own custom criteria and filters
  • Apply meta filters to switch views and see metrics and CPI values for selected dimensions (sections, topics, authors, articles)
  • Use traffic filters (device type, reader type, channel, campaign, referrer, referrer type) and understand how subscribed, anonymous, and registered readers behave
  • Discover not just the amount of traffic coming from a certain referrer, but the actual quality of that traffic in terms of engagement, exposure, and loyalty
  • Save filters on the domain or user level and create custom segments

Make informed decisions with the help of our insights

  • Hone your editorial decisions based on trustworthy information, not just your gut feeling
  • Follow our metrics system that allows you to define and understand your audience’s habits, behavior, and level of engagement and loyalty
  • Measure performance through different dimensions (articles, authors, topics, sections)
  • See the value different articles, authors, topics, and sections bring to your organization at just one glance by looking at ROI boxes, easy-to-understand charts, and various available analysis
  • Adopt new reader behavior models that enable a more precise and transparent way of looking at native advertising, maximizing your banner ads revenue, or growing subscriptions

Measure loyalty with unrivaled precision

  • Explore loyalty in a more precise way and look beyond just recency and frequency
  • Our definition of the loyal reader as the “habitually highly engaged reader” has shown to be statistically accurate, consistent and very valuable for subscription-based businesses

  • Content Insights tracks your loyal audience and tells you what type of content is attracting your most valuable readers

  • Loyal readers as defined by our Loyalty CPI algorithm have the highest probability of becoming paying subscribers

  • Truly understand your audience: learn what type of content creates loyal readers so you can see what are the successful patterns you can replicate in the future

Create powerful reports in less than five minutes

  • Enjoy using our Account & Organization management that helps people in different roles within your organization understand the data and act on it (from writers and editors to top analysts and executives)
  • Keep all key stakeholders in the loop: set up your team members with a variety of automated reports that have direct value for them
  • Create compelling, insight-filled reports with just a couple of clicks
  • Show authors how their pieces performed by sending custom reports that share the information that’s specifically relevant to them
  • Democratize your organization by enabling each sector of your business or newsroom to see how they perform and how each can adjust their practices to reach a shared goal
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