Bridging the gap between publishing and big data.

Content Insights is the next generation content analytics solution that translates complex editorial data into actionable insights.

Why Content Insights?

Interpreting big data demands a lot of time and focus. We’ve simplified things.
Content Insights is a powerful and versatile big data content analytics solution built to help online publishers, writers,
and editors gain a competitive advantage.We focus on human behaviour, user habits and reader pathways,
not vanity metrics and superficial browser events.

Get instant answers to complex questions

A deeply complex algorithm that reveals easy-to understand insights about your content.

Understand your readers’ behaviour

Use Content Insights to grasp how your content is resonating with your readers, not their browsers.

Seamlessly uncover trends in your content performance

Big data content analytics for people who don’t speak big data. We do the heavy [data] lifting and you get the insights that matter.

Tailor your KPI metrics to your goals

Switching to a paid content model? Pursuing native advertising? Make your analytics work hard for your specific business.

Pinpoint the content with the highest value

Our unique content performance metrics speak volumes. Identify the articles and topics with the highest ROI.

Don’t get data blinded, get data informed

Not all data is useful to you. We sift through it all and give you what you need, when you need it: powerful and meaningful insights.

Designed for newsrooms - and editorial workflows - of all sizes, everywhere.

CI enables editors to precisely staff stories, saving valuable reporting, editing and publishing resources. Designed to complement your workflow – not add to your workload (or your woes).

  • It’s easy enough to ask about the ‘what’ - Content Insights answers the ‘why’ questions, the things which really matter
  • View content performance by sections, topics, authors and more - giving you a broader understanding of what’s working where
  • Reporting tool delivers insights that form the basis of data-informed editorial meetings
  • Understand the value of your long-tail content

Helps marketers level up their online advertising and inbound marketing

Content Insights shows you content that has the broadest reach and attracts new readers. Engagement, exposure and loyalty aren’t just buzzwords. At Content Insights our stats and reports provide valuable and actionable insights.

  • Discover what content is driving engagement - as well as why and how it is
  • Use these stats to help you decide where to put your distribution spend
  • Identify the best content and authors to staff your native advertising campaigns
  • Spot your ROI just by looking at the screen

Analyze and benchmark your network with a top down perspective

Content Insights is set up to work with your business model, not independently

of it.

  • Easy-to-use tool and nuanced reporting means you get a data-informed perspective
  • Switching to a paid model? Content Insights can help make the transition a smooth one by identifying the digital content that drives the most loyalty
  • Useful, actionable insights help you to identify and meet your strategic goals
  • Get answers as to why certain content is performing the way it is

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