Measuring real reader behavior and content performance with unrivaled precision

Content Insights is the next generation content analytics solution that translates complex editorial data into actionable insights and helps content professionals increase their revenue and better understand and serve their audiences.

Why Content Insights?

Interpreting content performance data demands a lot of time and focus. We’ve simplified things.
Content Insights is a powerful and versatile content intelligence tool built to help online publishers, editors, and all content professionals. 

We focus on human behavior, user habits and reader pathways, not vanity metrics and superficial browser events.

An advanced solution that aligns with different business models

Whether you rely on subscriptions, ads or native advertising, our analytics solution lets you configure your business model and get access to metrics that support your growth.

Understand your readers’ behavior

Thanks to behavioral metrics and our advanced algorithm Content Performance Indicator (CPI), you can instantly see how your content is resonating with your readers, not their web browsers.

Discover and analyze trends in your content performance

Explore and compare your past content performance, and identify the type of content that brought you the best results. Easily pinpoint success patterns and replicate them in the future.

A new, unrivaled approach to reader loyalty

Our definition of the loyal reader as the “habitually highly engaged reader” has shown to be statistically accurate, consistent and invaluable for subscription-based businesses.

Unique segmentation that calculates CPI scores on the fly

Don’t just switch views, change your perspective. With our segmentation, you can easily discover new, actionable insights on various segments – which would otherwise remain hidden.

Don’t get data blinded, get data informed

Not all data is useful to you. We sift through it all and give you only the most powerful and meaningful insights you can easily understand and act on.


Content Insights is designed to help newsrooms and complement their editorial workflows. We help editors precisely staff stories, understand their readers, preserve the integrity of their organization, effectively manage their resources, and create stronger bonds with their audience. All that and much more – thanks to the power of the right type of insights.


Publishers and media organizations that operate in the digital arena need to listen to their readers and closely monitor content performance through different dimensions. By using insights to identify what resonates with their audience, they can explore different growth directions and business models with a higher chance of success.


Content Insights offers value for everyone who works with content: content marketers, content writers, bloggers, etc. Content professionals often struggle with setting relevant KPIs and creating reports that are reliable enough to prove the benefits and ROI of content marketing to your client/employer. Our analytics solution helps them truly measure the results of your content production and distribution efforts.

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