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Content Insights is the editorial intelligence package created by editors

We go to the cutting edge of big data, so you don't have to

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Why Content Insights?

Save time for creativity

The modern editorial environment is one of high-pressure and low resources. As former editors, we’ve been there, and we know how stressful it can be.

Understand in an instant
how engaged your readership actually is

Get easy-to-use editorial analytics
that you can use on the fly

Save valuable time on analysis and reporting,
so you can get on with the creative stuff

Hassle-free insights

Content Insights was developed to support your editorial decisions, rather than blind you with woolly science.

Get any insight in 30 seconds or less,
over email

Install Content Insights right out of the box and
start receiving editorial analytics in no time at all

Learn to spot opportunities and
understand ROI just by glancing at your screen

Be smart with your distribution

Content Insights tracks a huge amount of data to show you true content engagement and real attention time.

Receive reports alerting you to ineffective
‘clickbait’ headlines

Discover the channels that are driving
valuable interaction

Gather stats on exposure, engagement and loyalty, and work out where to put your distribution spend

Make better use of your time –
your most costly resource

Get new value from old content

There's a lot you can learn from your longtail traffic, and Content Insights will help you get the most out of that data in the shortest amount of time.

See instantly which older articles continue to engage readers

Learn which topics and sections produce the most engaging evergreen content

Use these editorial analytics to help you brainstorm new content, extracting fresh value from finished work

What others say?

  • "Writers have to know how to improve themselves and it’s easy to see how with Content Insights."

    Yogie Fadila, Editor, IDN Times

  • "We're learning vital lessons about what engages our most loyal readers, as CPI analysis lets us see what kind of content is most likely to convert frequent visitors to satisfied subscribers."

    Paul O'Mahony, Managing Editor, The Local

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