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Content Insights operates on a powerful and unique algorithm called CPI (Content Performance Indicator), which collects all the relevant data from your domain and traffic referral sources, and examines the relations between various performance metrics to determine and inform you precisely how well your published content has performed.

Unlike other solutions in its category, Content Insights focuses on real audience behavior, not simple browser events. We believe that single metric evaluations which most publishers rely on today (eg. page-views, unique visitors, time spent on site) have created a cluttered environment where writers are incentivized to pursue numbers instead of actual stories.

The Mechanics of CPI

CPI takes into account a significant number of metrics and examines their relations. From unique visitors, social actions, to attention time, read depth, and more – CPI compresses and processes large quantities of data and compares it with the usual behavioral habits of your readers, across multiple dimensions of your website.

Our main focus in business is to provide you with a deeper understanding of how your content is performing, not to present you with shallow metrics that push you toward making the wrong decisions.

CPI recognizes three behavioral models:

CPI Exposure

CPI Exposure values volume. It tells you both how good your articles are at attracting wider audiences, and which articles are more effective at bringing new audiences to your website. CPI Exposure is often favored by publishers who operate on an advertising business model.

CPI Engagement

CPI Engagement helps you to understand which content is connecting well with your audience, and which generates the most interest from your readers. It measures how efficient articles are at influencing readers to stay engaged with the content, both within the article, but also more broadly across the domain.

CPI Loyalty

CPI Loyalty measures how good your content is at attracting highly-engaged, returning readers. This behavioral model looks at how articles are contributing to the overall loyalty of your reader base on the website. Publishers who have adopted a business model reliant on reader-revenue and subscriptions mainly focus on this CPI.

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