Use Case: How uses Content Insights to evaluate the performance of content created by their 10 teams

German regional news outlet started using Content Insights more than a year ago in order to deeply understand its audience and better optimize their editorial strategy. Unlike most publishers who use Content Insights, is focused on optimizing for a greater reach of the content their local teams produce.

When people hear the phrase “regional news”, most don’t really envision a complex system made up of editors and journalists who work in many different places. has a core digital team made up of eleven editors and nine students who are in charge of managing their editorial teams located in 10 cities.  In a nutshell, that’s how operates. is a news outlet that publishes stories from the Franconia region in Germany. They collect and publish news from five regional Franconian daily papers and report to an audience spread across all of Franconia.

Founded in 2008, is a fast-growing organization and were recognized as one of the Top 25 news portals in Germany in September 2018. Their local editorial teams are independent, which means that they have their own editorial strategies. This is the kind of organizational structure to which Content Insights can bring a lot of value.

We talked to Daniela Deeg, the Head of the Digital Editorial Team at InFranken to see how she and her colleagues benefit from using Content Insights. We were also curious about the type of metrics they value the most and how important analytics solutions are for their overall workflow.

These are some of the main benefits:

  • Recognizing quality content coming from remote teams
  • Having CPI as the ultimate indicator of how good their content is
  • Understanding the behavior of their local audience
  • Staying informed with custom reports
  • Identifying sources that bring the most traffic

Evaluating content produced by 10 editorial teams

At the beginning of our conversation, Daniela explains that 10 different editorial teams (all in different locations) are in charge of producing content for their platform.

Daniela explains that Content Insights is part of their morning routine. At the beginning of the day, in their first meeting, Daniela and her colleagues open up Content Insights and look at the articles published the day before by their local editorial teams, and discuss which ones were the most relevant for their users.

We check all these articles with Content Insights, and for example, when we find some of them with a very high CPI, we decide to publish them on our main Facebook page.

What is CPI?

CPI (Content Performance Indicator) is the heart and soul of Content Insights. It’s an algorithm that shows how well your content is performing in comparison to other published articles on your platform. It also provides insights for Sections, Topics, Authors, and also the entire website.

CPI takes into consideration dozens of different content performance metrics and examines their relations. It also weighs them differently in accordance with three recognized behavioral models: exposure, engagement, and loyalty.

CPI is always a number between 1 and 1000. When CPI is over 500, that means the article, section, or the author performs better than the average.

Apart from Facebook and other popular social media sites, uses WhatsApp to distribute their content. Since the material is created by so many editorial teams, Content Insights is there to help Daniela and her team find pieces where they will gain the most attention from their readers located in different places.

We need a lot of local content to cover all these various channels and send out relevant content to the people. Content Insights helps us to find relevant stories.

Understanding the audience

Even though is mostly focused on reaching more readers, Daniela tells us that the company is also using Content Insights to help them better understand their audience and increase the overall loyalty of people who follow their local editions.

One of the biggest challenges here is that every local edition is unique. Every group of readers from each region behaves in their own unique way and patterns in their behavior are not that easy to identify and replicate in other local editions.

For example, articles from one of the regions are in the top 20 articles sorted by CPI every morning. Those articles are about a sports club, and what we see is that the fans of that sports club are especially engaged with the content. For example, there is also a place where people are very eager to find out whether shops are open or closed – basically, very local stuff.  

In addition, Daniela adds that they also see articles that don’t attract a lot of traffic, but thanks to Content Insights they know these articles are very relevant for their audience as they resonate well with local readers. As she explains:

We want to be very relevant to our region.

Different specialists on the same task

Daniela is not the only person who uses Content Insights in her company. Specialists from her team also use it on a regular basis. As Daniela explains, Content Insights is also used by InFranken’s social media managers and SEO specialists.

SEO specialists, for example, use it to analyze long-tail articles. They are interested in finding out which specific articles Content Insights registers as Everlasting and Reborn.

What are the Reborn and Everlasting articles?

Reborn articles are articles that have significant readership growth while they are in the Long tail period. For consideration of Reborn articles, internal traffic is excluded.

Everlasting articles are those that accumulate readers continuously over a long period of time. Only articles with a higher number of article reads than website’s average for previous 30 days qualify as Everlasting articles.

Social media managers, on the other hand, look at referrers in order to figure out how many people came to their platform from different sources, such as Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc.

Looking at different sets of metrics for different time intervals

Daniela finds all this very useful, and she is extremely pleased that all valuable insights in the Content Insights app are just a click or two away, and more importantly – very easy to understand within the dashboard.

She said she finds our reporting system very useful. Everyone is included in the process: different members of her team get different reports for various time intervals.

Those are reports for different sections of the website. We just try not to miss good performing topics or articles.

These types of reports help her team stay on top of things. They enable them to spot great performing content coming from their local teams, which is crucial in such an organization where different teams work from different parts of the region.

If you think that our content intelligence solution could be helpful for your organization, please get in touch with us. Read more of our clients’ success stories here.


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